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   A New Book…For A New Time…


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From the Founder and President of Share His Light Ministries, Inc. sm and Life’s Food For Thought sm, comes a new book that not only addresses the times we live in…

it discusses the life that God wants us to live.




Adrienne boldly and confidently reveals God’s word and truths through relevant stories and straight talk.



Adrienne says:


“If it’s not fit, it’s flab! © That’s the message God is speaking to us—for today. It’s not a message that is ‘coming due.’ It’s here. It’s a ‘now’ message. God is always challenging us to change. All the while loving us to Him.” ©


“Read Holy Flab! I pray that God will speak to you! I know He will!”


Adrienne Miller

Author of Holy Flab!” ©


© A.M. 2006



A New Book…For A New Time…