A Poem For The Lost©

                                By A. Miller Founder/Director

 Missing Hope Circle of Prayer (sm): Prayer for Missing Persons (sm)



                                 "We Wish You Were Here©"

                                          By A. Miller


                    We wish you were here! We miss you!

                    We think of you everyday. In all things.


          Your favorite color...the smell of your favorite food.


                     We think we see you on the television, 

                            But, itís not you. We look for    

                       you at the mall and the store...and...

                                      it's not you.


                        Maybe that's you, in the passing car!

                        Or that girl or guy or man or women

                                ...their hair...it's like yours.


            Youíre not really lost. Youíre just not found. Yet.     


         These are thoughts and prayers from the family that

                              loves you...and misses you...


                                 "We wish you were here."


                                       ©A. Miller 2006


**If you have seen a missing person or know someone who is in trouble please call: 911.


*IF you want us to pray for you, or for a missing person(s) please email us your requests: sharehislight@bellsouth.net


"Here is praying for all those not found yet."